Thursday, March 3, 2011

Silent Prayers

I am not the most successful person in this world. Not the wealthiest too. I don't have a big heart to give it all. Yes, I am selfish. I am not the most blessed being and not all my wishes come true. I am also not the happiest person out here.

But, I want you to be the one. I don't have anything to give you now except my Silent Prayers. May God Bless you!


Rolling Stone said...

very humble prayer..hope god is listening.
wish u luck and love.
god bless.

A said...

Very honest. Very nice

Ria said...

God bless u too!!

Bikramjit said...


I dont know why you feeling this way but EACH one in this world and every human being is a special person ..
so hers wishing you that you get anything and everything that you wish for .. God bless you ...


Shail said...

That's so nice!!

shaguftaabbas said...

And it is these silent prayers that make us better each day. It kinda cleanses our soul too, whatsay?

Asma said... are as much special as any one of us is and you shouldn't lie coz "Angels never lie":)))and may god bless you too:)

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Silent prayers give some good one. Most of the people follow this kind of prayers only.