Thursday, December 3, 2009

To Respected Tears...

Hey, this is a last warning...Don't you understand that your just an unwelcome guest for me...whenever you come I feel bad and at times embarrassed...I always have to give excuses for hiding you...The only thing good about is that you make me Stronger but listen, your not my friend ok...So make sure this is the last time...Dont you ever ever ever come again...Got it!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Hey U

Dont expect from me, I may not reply...Dont love me I may not love you back...Dont help me I may not return to help...But plz don't forget me, coz U may sometime need me...!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Had I not been subject to darkness, I could not have seen the light

Had I not been emotional, I wouldn't be hurt now and then
Had I not been so quite, I wouldn't have got hurt again,
Had I not been so blunt, I could have not hurted some else,
Had I not been so dependent, my hurts wouldn't have gone in vain

Had I not expected, I wouldn't be feeling ditched,
Had I not loved, I wouldn't be feeling detest,
Had I not digged, I wouldn't be feeling empty,
Had I not running so fast, I wouldn't missing be some rest...

But I did and got, what I expected not,
Yet I live in vanity, forgetting humanity,
Do what I feel, pushing hard my heel,

Walking all alone, holding my faith so strong,
That God is with me, will make my path bright,
Since had He not been subject me to darkness,
I could not have seen my much awaited light...

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Friday, November 6, 2009


Its irritating to answer some one's dumb questions always and it might get more irritating not to tell them how dumb it is. So to combat this I found this amazing site.

If you encounter any dumb questions, give them the above site or just say JFGI.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

1st step

Let me fly, let me open my wings,
My Lord is with me, I fear no more,
My run has begin
Now I will win for sure....!

Thank you God for believing in me & thank you everyone who put their trust in me! I will never let you down. Please pray for me that I remain happy and successful like this ever...
Love you all !

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Vague dreams

Scientifically dreams have no such meaning yet lot of times we read in articles that they do connect to our lives and have some relation to our conscious mind. Whatever be the truth at times its difficult to ignore the dreams, and its the same for me right now. I had a peculiar dream last night which I very much enjoyed watching but it has left some questions in my mind....what is my true feeling? Is it which I had in my stupid dream or the one I observe in my so called conscious life... don't know...And its better to leave some questions unanswered....A beautiful night,a great dream and long sting of questions clinging to it...

Friday, October 30, 2009

A never ending search...

At times I wonder where did I start from and where I am standing today....Its an entirely different territory....However quite well acceptable....There was a time when I used to search my path and now I search my destination...Search to me is like a vicious circle...

Friday, June 19, 2009

I a little miss Sunshine

With the cruel yellow blaze of light i wake up to the morning partially blaming this habbit of sun to always wake up early and partially wishing a good day to myself. And now again the simple daily chores of life as they were never meant to change at all. Someday working, someday runs with variable mileage everyday. And I lying on the cushion of whimsical heaven made up of my own ordinary imagination, record my pearl presious moments passing by with these heavy pedal moving days. I pray I could let them wait for a while and let the change come in. The change I am waiting there and then. The change I could never notice coming in, if only it would have knocked. And the change I desperately waiting for as any customer in restaurant do who has paid more than enough for his food, as any student of Xth class board do whose cyber cafe is filled with more eyes then oxygen and as any women do for the kid for who she is almost dying with the labor pains. Although I have read Time Value of Money in my finance studies but only now have seen how it actually works. How I losing not only the interest that I could have earned but also can't help the depreciation on my principal. If its true that time is money then my treasure is struggling into the ugly marsh. I have the rope with me but unfortunately it has tied my own hands. Such awful situations remind me of god. And the astrology. I am happy to see that for one month I cannot lose my treasure since capricorns have good command on their wealth. Another Ray of hope and who knows what would be its length. But who cares. I never meant to measure it either. Rather its measuring me on its parameters. However I know its not my luck which is sorry for me but just the time begging pardon. For its futile efforts I sorry. It doest know who is it tryng to test. Because

"Even if you leave me Mr. Ray, I am not going to sink in a Bay,
for angels never lie and hopes never die...."

And I a little Miss Sunshine wont strive any more in the claustrophobic dark room of idleness and will indubitaly come up with my seven rainbow flying colors immaterial of whether the rain comes or not!