Sunday, April 24, 2011

Marriage at my home

Its been really long I have written something. I missed this place. Lot of things are going in my life. And the most recent one is the upcoming marriage of my bro. Its on 29th April. Things are charging gradually. I almost seem to compare every little thing from my sis 's marriage which held 5 years back. Everything has changed a lot. Now one member will be added to our family and I am very excited about it. Every day we go for shopping, some arrangements in home, some calls, some cold drinks etc etc etc. N number of things are going here and there. All still seems to be at rest in my mind. I feel at peace at this moment and just want to enjoy every second of it. I hope the marriage goes up well and happily.

PS: Most imp thing I am worried abt is my look that day. I hope I look v v beautiful that day.