Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Congratulations !

Well now I am writing after so so long because I finally have something to write. Yes, it is a strong emotion...Hey No I am not sad. In fact I am happy. Very Very happy! and after a long long time. It was my friend's marriage. However I am not so happy for this reason alone but particularly because it was a love marriage. It was the first love marriage in my group. So my heartiest congratulation to them. Love you guys!

I have seen so many couples from my school time. They get hooked up and soon get a break up. Earlier I used to think that all of them have some casual relationship going which they are not strong enough to take up further. But its not true. I have seen people struggling v v hard to make their relationship work I have seen them crying, n dying every moment but yet they lose.

I always thought that love marriages are the best and have least risk in it. In college this mindset became stronger. So many couples around.Parties, movies, was always beautiful to see lovely couples around. Love was in the air and there was so much to breathe. But slowly I started noticing that the wonder couples have become blunder pairs and perfect relationships are no more relationships at all! The season of break up has come and the wind of independence is blowing. "Move on!" is no more the tagline of Fast track only, people are happy being on a single track and "we are just friends" is a truth now. I started realizing that arrange marriages are pretty safer. You can have it all with leaving not much. And you can find your parents always by your side w/o any chance of having "it was your choice, now don't cry". But is it really like this. Hmmm....not 100%. I was shocked to find one of my senior (was more like a friend or should I say sister) in a divorce situation who had a perfect Big Fat Indian (arranged) Wedding. Gosh! I was out my senses then. She was so nice, every one loved her except her husband. He was a perfect match from every other aspect than his nature which cannot be found out in few meetings, like it happen in arranged marriages. And this was not the only case I saw. Yeah, not divorce but some serious problems could be seen in young married couples which made me terrified badly.

Ok. So now both kind of marriages are risky and you just can't measure how much it can be. So I shouldn't marry at all. This is the best way out. Oh its not a joke. You might have heard girls saying this and I saw some valid reasons for it.

Anyway, whatever we say and how much we think, marriages are ought to happen. We can't deny it and can't live w/o it.

Situations can make anyone fail and luck may let anyone win.

This way I have moulded my mind now. So let destiny decide which way I marry, arranged or love. What is in my hand is to give my 100% to work it well and beyond that God is always there.

So every one, who is single,committed, going to marry and already married, your soul mate is chosen by God just like he has chosen your parents. So don't be afraid. He/She is not perfect but neither are you then. So why think so much, let the relationship be perfect and the love take over. Love is always perfect even if love marriages can't be! & Marriages are not to be afraid of but to praise for as they are designed by God and made in Heaven.

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With loads and loads of Love,