Monday, July 12, 2010

Another Milestone

Now its just three days are left for my Job. Yes, I am leaving my job, my first job. I was to happy to get my dream job and was so excited that I will finally get off with the mess of this present job. But now I am feeling much more nostalgic. I am here since its inception. I have seen it when it was just few bricks and cement kind of thing. When there was just one chair to sit.When we had the havan, When the ribbon of inauguration was cut, When the first form was filled. And from that day we never looked back. We gave our work all that it wanted or even more than that. We made this branch work. I have done here which I feared the most, its SALES! Being an operation staff I did sales and that too hard core sales. But once I get started I never looked back. In every situation, I proved myself and always out shined. I gave a good business and nice relations.

But for me now important is what I got. Its first the confidence. The confidence that yes I can do, I can do everything. Also now I feel much more responsible and important in life. The sense of earning is heavenly. Infact I can say that now I have understood what "Purchasing Power" is all about. One thing more that I have learned here is "saving". You can save better when you start earning because than only you realize that this is a hard earned money.

Anyway, someday I had to move. Now again new people, new work. But now I am much more ready and waiting to know what life has for me next!