Monday, March 7, 2011

What I feel for you

Even if you don't say a word I can hear the story in your mind. Even if you don't look for me I can sense you need me. Even if you smile all the while I can see the tears in your heart. And even if you don't see me around I am always there with you in your heart, just like a flame with the candle, like a fragrance with the flower and like a soul with the being. The seasons may change, the sun may end for a dawn, the birds may fly away and the world may abandon. But what will never change is my enduring love for you...It will just grow stronger and stronger by the time we will spend together...!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Silent Prayers

I am not the most successful person in this world. Not the wealthiest too. I don't have a big heart to give it all. Yes, I am selfish. I am not the most blessed being and not all my wishes come true. I am also not the happiest person out here.

But, I want you to be the one. I don't have anything to give you now except my Silent Prayers. May God Bless you!