Thursday, August 19, 2010

Old Forgotten Colours

On the brisk of hope,
In the lap of love,
I made my world,
With a few curtain curve.

I hold the pillow so tight,
To see the dreams in my night,
And to go lost in the eternity no wise,
Forbearing nothing but just a creepy disguise.

Acted like a sis, like a daughter, like a friend,
Like a student, like a teacher and many more then,
Which role did I miss & which one did I hit,
Don't know but just trying compromising the fit.

Red while frenetic, sad when blue,
Pink in the happiness in everything I do,
Selfish at some points or asking other's bliss,
That's how confusing my very nature is.

Don't look into the past just keep moving on,
That's my mantra I am deeply holding on,
There would be a lot to say under my shining star,
But till now that's my story, my odyssey so far !

I found this somewhere inside my old diary while cleaning the clutter. The poem sounds a little lame but reminded me of the old forgotten colors of my life.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Happy Independence Day

15th August: Our Independence Day. Tomorrow is the day when we the Indians got our freedom from Britishers after a decade. But the question remains unanswered if we have actually got the freedom or not. Are we yet free from corruption, poverty, terrorism etc? However I do not intend to discuss all the grievances we youngsters have today about the independence day. Rather I just wish to enjoy the freedom we can actually enjoy. I wish to acknowledge the precious freedom we have got after losing the people who never cared for their lives and gave everything to their country. However we are not such great people out here. We cannot give our lives for this reason nor can we join Army to fight. But yet we are fighters. Yet we have a spirit which makes us different, which makes us Indian. I solute to that spirit of freedom in every Indian and wish you all a very happy independence day!

Friday, August 6, 2010



Dream & Desire,
Heart & Brains,
Words & Silence,
Tear & Smile,
Love & Friendship,
Fear & Freedom,
Dear & Dare,
Woe & Warmth,
Expect & Surprise
Infidelity & Innocence,
Worth & Wealth,
Sentiment & Pragmatism,
Frown & Smile,
Rest & Proceed,
Fiction & Reality,
You & I

I have chosen the later one !

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

If ever I could express the freedom of my Heart dot dot dot . . .