Monday, September 27, 2010

Still I Rise...

"You may write me down in history
With your bitter, twisted lies,
You may trod me in the very dirt
But still, like dust, I'll rise."

Ps: Well I am little upset of the gloom around me and the unnecessary delays in my life vexing my patience and alleway...yet the deep down faith in me says that beyond all this I will still RISE ! 

Friday, September 3, 2010

Rare Confessions

That's something I have recently learned that once you confess your hidden sin's, for which you always feel guilty, it assuages you completely and also gives you the strength to change and to get out of the trap of the sin's. So these are some of my rare confessions I always wanted to make but never dared to.

1. So often I get jealous by listening to the success of my friends. I start comparing them with myself and when I realize they have moved ahead, I feel inferior.

2. I always say I never regret in life but I regret as often as I look into the mirror a not-so-slim reflection and see that my closet is getting full of precious unfit clothes . The regret gets more painful when I know how to control the things but yet due to my laziness I lose my determination for exercise and diet later or sooner.

3. I have been termed as a most studious and ambitious person by people around me. However the truth is I could never manage to become what I always wanted to and in turn when I became of something else, better than I could ever imagine, I forgot my old dreams as soon as other's did. I was a good sports person, theater artist, dancer, singer, cartoonist, sketcher, short movie maker etc etc, almost best in everything which people called creative. But in the rat race of this world I lost and forgot those things that used to make me happy at heart.

4. Sometimes I look down upon myself being a middle class person. Why did I even dreamed of things I could not afford and even if I can it will lead me into financial insurgencies?

5. Even being so perfect in advising others about their personal airy matters I always find my self in chaos when the winds come to me.

6. I often have opinion clashes with my parents. I am a failure in solving this generation gap.

7. I love it when people come back to me although I could never stepped to go back to them. Had I have ever tried to go back, things could have been better with my relationships.

8. I am not a religious person but a true lover of mankind. So it sometimes bores me standing in a religious place where I can see less of god and more of hypocrisy.

9. I am over punctual as per IST ( Indian's Stretchable Time) which always turn me furious on the person even if they are JOT (just on time)

10. I have wasted hrs, days, and months sparely which I could have been used in some useful work and made my life more happening.

Well it took a great courage to spill the beans but only after writing I have realized that I just had 4 points in my mind which has eventually come down to 10 points. Now since I have penned them here I have accepted the fact that these things do exist and I need to work on them. I would someday love to see myself become a much much better person coming out of all my weaknesses and looking into the sky in the eyes of Almighty without any confessions.