Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Thursday, January 6, 2011

My First Tag

Well this is my first tag.Got it from my dear friend Bikram. So now I will see how good I am at this. Here I go-

If I were a month…..September...I just love the season in this month.

If I were a day of the week….It has to be Saturday. Every banker know why is it so. Half day gives you full opportunity for hangout n movies....yey yey 
If I were a time of day….Evening. I love the evening mood.  Relaxed and serene.
If I were a season….Spring for sure. I can't bear too much of summer or winter.
If I were a planet…Venus. After women are from Venus only. ;)
If I were a sea animal…Gold fish.  Wo choti wali, cute si.
If I were a direction….West. Love their open culture.
If I were a piece of furniture…. Chandelier. Its elegance is so attractive n royal (?does it come in furniture....)
If I were a liquid….. Lemonade. I am almost addicted to it. 
If I were a tree….Neem tree. Bitter but very useful (for me dats jus smtimes okie)
If I were a tool….Stapler. It gets paper together to make them meaningful a file.  (poor philosophy ehh...)
If I were an element….Oxygen. Dats how important I want to be for others.
If I were a gemstone……Neelam. I know abt only one gemstone, da one I wear.
If I were a musical instrument….Guitar. Next could be Violin. So relaxing and takes you to another world.
If I were a color…..Pink. M sho girly girly.
If I were a emotion…..Hope. Its not found everywhere.
If I were a fruit…Strawberry
If I were a sound…Sound of wind. Try, you can hear it .
If I were a car…..Hyundai i10
If I were food…….Matar Kulcha/ Pasta
If I were a scent….Lavender/ rose 
If I were a pair of shoes…. Stelatoes
If I were a bird….Sparrow. I wish for peace everywhere.

All who have read this, have been tagged. Try it and you will love it. Tadda!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to all of you. May this year bring loads of love, success and prosperity in your life...

 With love....Poonam

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