Saturday, November 14, 2009

Had I not been subject to darkness, I could not have seen the light

Had I not been emotional, I wouldn't be hurt now and then
Had I not been so quite, I wouldn't have got hurt again,
Had I not been so blunt, I could have not hurted some else,
Had I not been so dependent, my hurts wouldn't have gone in vain

Had I not expected, I wouldn't be feeling ditched,
Had I not loved, I wouldn't be feeling detest,
Had I not digged, I wouldn't be feeling empty,
Had I not running so fast, I wouldn't missing be some rest...

But I did and got, what I expected not,
Yet I live in vanity, forgetting humanity,
Do what I feel, pushing hard my heel,

Walking all alone, holding my faith so strong,
That God is with me, will make my path bright,
Since had He not been subject me to darkness,
I could not have seen my much awaited light...


Ria said...

Loved the title of the blog and everything mentioned in the poem is jus so so true!!

sundeep said...

Can I use this poem, somewhere else?

Angels Never Lie said...

@sundeep...dis is a personal blog...ur not suppose to use it elsewhere....

sundeep said...

That is fine with me.